Radel - Sunadamala ZX

Radel - Sunadamala ZX
Radel - Sunadamala ZX Radel - Sunadamala ZX Radel - Sunadamala ZX Radel - Sunadamala ZX
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The new Sunadamala Zx is a sophisticated electronic lehra instrument catering to the needs of classical tabla artistes and kathak dancers, enabling them to practise without the assistance of another person to provide the lehra. The instrument produces 204 lehras (rhythmic tunes) set to different Taals and Raags which can be selected by the user through a convenient interface. The instrument utilizes the latest state-of-the-art microprocessor technology to produce a realistic sound of the lehra as played on a harmonium.


  • Natural Harmonium tone, with 8 choices of 'voices' such as single, double, or triple-reed harmonium
  • 200 preset tunes including special "Masitkhani" and "gayaki ang" tunes
  • Digital display of matras, tempo, tune number & pitch
  • Easy selection of taal, raag, pitch, tempo, voice and volume through scrolling of choices displayed on the LCD screen
  • Accurate built-in digital pitch-pipe with fine tuning facility
  • Memory facility for pitch, tempo and tone selections
  • Can also be used as an excellent sur-peti (drone), to tune the tabla
  • Built-in metronome with facility to select single beat, dugun (two), tigun (three), chaugun (four) or khand (five) sub-beats
  • Facility to compose 4 tunes with an easy harmonium-like interface, and store these in memory
  • Automatic switch-over to batteries on power outage
  • Universal Voltage (90V – 260V AC without voltage selection)
  • 3 year warranty
  • Renowned Radel after-sales service


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