Radel - Taalmala Digi 108

Radel - Taalmala Digi 108
Radel - Taalmala Digi 108 Radel - Taalmala Digi 108 Radel - Taalmala Digi 108 Radel - Taalmala Digi 108 Radel - Taalmala Digi 108
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The Taalmala Digi-108 produces an amazingly realistic sound of the traditional tabla by utilizing the latest state-of-the-art sampler technology. It is a sophisticated instrument which not only plays 108 pre-set tabla thekas, but is capable of simulating a ‘live accompaniment’ effect, so that it can even be used in concerts. It has a variety of attractive Fill-ins, Laggis, and Tihayis. MIDI IN and MIDI OUT facility has been provided, making the Taalmala Digi-108 the only Indian musical instrument that can be connected via MIDI to a keyboard synthesizer or computer.


·         An improved and stunning realistic sound

·         Eight new thekas (# 100 – 107) plus several modifications to earlier thekas, most importantly the 48-matra ek-taal (#11) and a new Bhajan theka(#90)

·         Power-saving and longer use on battery

·         Live accompaniment mode

·         Manjeera Sound

·         Digital display on an attractive blue front-mounted LCD screen for ease of use

·         One octave pitch range with fine tuning in between standard settings

·         4 settings of dagga depth

·         Intelligently played Long and Short Fill-ins

·         Sync with Radel Sunadamala lehra

·         Connect through MIDI to keyboard Synthesizer (MIDI IN and MIDI OUT provided)

·         Editing of Taals by user. User can create 5 new thekas of 99 matras each

·         Housed in a sleek, lightweight ABS cabinet (size: 230mm x 135mm x 90mm, weight: approx 1kg)

·         3 year warranty

·         Renowned Radel after-sales service

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